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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Featuring death metal gangsters from Haig Road and Bedok in the rank of Sulaiman (guitars), Roslan (guitar and growls), Zulkifli (bass) and Jumadi (drums), this abomination saw the light of the day from the middle of '88 although from some other sources the inception went as far back as '86. Singapore did have its very fervent followers of metal and hardcore pumping important staples that mould the outcome of the underground. Indeed, music of such genre garnered much better support from local fans than the indies that forever fared steeped deeper in the underground. For that matter, Dread were considered as sort of a cult death metal band based in Singapore, and they were one of the earlier pioneers in the league of Nuctemeron, Anathema, Profancer and Abhorer. They delivered "Awesome Terror" in '89, a tape hissing ear-spliting distortion and mangled noise deathcore with such intense numbers like "Torment, Scream & Death", and "Infernal Bloodlust" influenced by the South American scene. And this hideous noise was made way before bands like Silent Sorrows and Mutation dabbled with technical death. Regardless of the racket, their noise never hit the radiowaves.

--sojourner at 8:56 AM

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