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Saturday, August 04, 2007
(Phucktunes 1998)

The old Boredphucks rocks like a Chinese motorcycle. Very fun and yet very dangerous at the same time. And of course with alot of grime. This band thought most other Singapore bands suck except for Humpback Oak, Force Vomit and Stoned Revivals, and they knew how to curse in four different languages. So what else can I say, this is simply my kind of band. History lessons reiterated, this was the band that later became The Suns. Although I do not really adore most new school punk to begin with, this band simply outdone itself by making the FUNNIEST album in the entire history of Singapore music, topped only by their debut album “Banned In Da Singapura”. I mean how often do we hear “funny” music in stiff faced Singapore? Unless you are the special child that feels tickled by the “singlishness” of Kopi Kat Klan, you surely would be in for a surprise. Mind you this is not some high brow funny stuffs, indeed this is so low it's even close to being retarded. But it stokes my sick sense of humour so here we go. Like mentioned earlier on, the band did curse alot, but this is no sheer controversial gimmick to their integrity. They seriously rock funny, because they were probably sick retards to begin with. Whenever they mentioned “fuck” or “cheebye” they did it with that special kid moronic nasal whine that seemed so mentally ill.

“Revolution 69”, how aptly named. In stiff-faced Singapore, this kind of band is very much frowned upon, if there is even any of such band at all (ok there used to be a funny Sesame Streets-obsessed grindcore band by the name of Bird Brains). It's understandable some cursings are mandatory in rock n'roll lingo but The Boredphucks are vulgarities personified. They didn't get away with it. The authority gotten fed up with their sewer mouths got them rounded up to the police stations after one controversial concert and the band earned notoriety from bad press (one newspaper, one nation, one Singapore). But somehow this notoriety seemed to give the band an even larger cult following than before.

Anyway, when the band let down their guards, they sounded like the docile sheep in wolves clothings of Bad Religion, Green Day and NOFX, meaning the pussycat known as the new wave of melodic pop punk. But the band thrives on attitude, and it manifests itself in the suddenly insane twist in the midst of a normal punk 1,2,3 go rock n'roll. So this is the sheep with wolf heart. A spirited youthful jangle of punk when played to the local context rips a riot, as the chorus rings with “speaks Singlish like Zoe Tay” in “Zoe Tay”. Omg they were making fun of our Queen of Caldecott Hill. Haha. Unlike “Banned In Da Singapura”, the “ugly” side of Boredphucks are usually not apparent when you're least expecting, with standard fare punk rock songs like “Sex Saviour”, “Ballad of Tabitha” (when the least discerning got through the lyrics), but the band unleashed their ware at the most unexpected of timing. “Grunge Car”, another omg experience with the rather disturbing falsetto, the gritty and amusing conversations littered in between the song, and the funny way “grunge car” morphs into “ganja”. What a trip, haha.“Shutup!” is a misogynistic anthem for all the silly male adolescents across the island with a generous serving of Malay and Hokkien curses. Girls may swoon to The Boredphucks with “Time I Fell In Love”, a romantic acoustic guitar driven ballad baiting the unexpected into unknown territories. “Baby you and me rule...”, when the whole intention was to get laid. Seriously do we really believe that they are keen to show their soft side? Au contraire, the band has alot of mischiefs up their sleeves. And this is not even the end.

The highlight (I mean THE HIGHLIGHT!) of this album lies somewhere hidden far away from the squinting censor's eyes, in the revolutionary world of number 69. On track 69 lurks the real sullied self of The Boredphucks in its full glory. This is what made Boredphucks one of the most uniquely rotten band in Singapore. This is “Ai Sio Kan Mai? ”, which when translated literally to English actually mean “Do You Want To Fuck?” This rotten punk classic opens up with a theme that might strike a chord with some of you. They were playing the “Shanghai-The Bund” theme in the most wisecracking way imaginable. A word of warning to the self-righteous moralist... this is perhaps the most vulgar song ever written in Singapore. From head to tail the song is laden with Hokkien vulgarities, where “na buay chow chee bye” ends with every verses. And “chee bye” was at some point tapered into a long romantic croon which simply feels so wrong and so weird at the same time! The best part about the song is how it was written as a very campy parody of some nightclub Hokkien blues played to very sleazy effect.

The Boredphucks, albeit the rotten notoriety here, gave Singaporean music fans alot of beautiful memories with their tongue-in-cheek ingenious humour and crazy antics. And who could imagine three sex-obsessed adolescent punks making such a heavy indentation on the musical landscape of Singapore and beyond? Some time after The Boredphucks passed on, the trio became The Suns and hit it big in a much more liberal and accepting climate of Australia. Some time after Wayne Thunder (the drummer) passed away, and all the good old fun seems like history. It will be a long wait for another Revolution 69 coming our way.

--sojourner at 6:12 AM

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